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This page is to give you a preview of the services we are capable of doing!

Please click the pictures and they will take you to our clients websites, and social media platforms. We hope you enjoy our work.

If you have any question or concerns please reach out to us on our "CONTACT US," page.



Competence Consulting Company

Competence Consulting Company website was designed by our CEO, Morgan P. Brooks


Urban Roots Company

Urban Roots Company is a small family business based in Baltimore, MD crafting gardening gifts for the novice and experienced gardeners. We believe in “keeping it real.” While we understand that gardening isn’t always easy for everyone, we strive to incorporate fun and quirky tips to encourage more greening throughout your neighborhoods.

Service: Website,& Consulting.



Toot Toot Tutoring Services

Toot Toot Tutoring Services, helps students K-8th improve their grades, and college preparatory. The subjects that Toot2 focuses on is Math (Algebra, and Geometry.), Science (Biology.), Social Studies, and English. The instructor is a Certified Teacher.

Service: Website, Social Media Development & Consulting.


 DJ Swerv Dinero( Ipower Richmond 92.1 FM) gave her the first opportunity to showcase her food at a bar called Bella’s. He called again and said it went great. I was invited back.

After, the second event COVID put a halt to everything. So I decided to sell seafood salad because it was the most economical item to sell.

Service: Website & Consulting.



StreetLit Studio

Streetlit Studio is a business that focuses on promoting events and local artist. 


Service: Social Media Development, Promotional Ad & Ad Campaign, Flyers,& Consulting.


KVO's Essence

KVO"s Essence is a 100% Natural Skin Care product company. Products designed to give you a sensational bath/ shower, and ensured to leave you with smooth and refreshing skin. The company makes products for all skin types: regular, oily, dry, and sensitive.


Service: Logo, Website & Consulting.

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