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About us


Competence Consulting Company LLC, also known as Competence CC, is all about helping local small businesses thrive in today's growing economy. We were founded in Baltimore, MD back in 2019, and since then, we've been on a mission to support and uplift small businesses.

Our CEO, Morgan P. Brooks, is a true Baltimore native with a deep-rooted love for businesses and their journey to success. Morgan graduated from Morgan State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. During her college days, she wore many hats, working as an Assistant Manager in telecommunications and volunteering at several local businesses. Her involvement included creating websites and offering business advice to fellow students.

In the telecommunications industry, Morgan not only managed teams but also acted as an advocate for local small businesses. She's dedicated, disciplined, and determined to foster a thriving community of entrepreneurs. When you choose to work with Competence CC, you're joining us on our journey to make this vision a reality – one successful small business at a time.

Our vision

Competence CC, is ready to earn your business and help your company make a larger impact in your community. By offering website construction, marketing management, and entrepreneurship consulting. Your company can be small or large scale.


Our vision is to create a network of successful businesses to help provide jobs to the people directly impacted by the growing business. Competence CC, vision is to help all entrepreneurs with a focus on local youth and young adults. Competence CC, future vision is to host entrepreneurship seminars, conferences, networking socials, and charity events. As we gain your business we hope to gain your trust. With your help we can build a network of businesses that work together to provide goods and services to one another.

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